Consumer Goods & Ingredients: Segments: Food, Beverages, Dietary Supplements, OTC, Feed, Health, Pharma and Cosmetics • Regulatory consultancy in fact and law around the world • Professional advice on application and sourcing of additives • Business support on product development and improvement • Assessment and extension of product offers • Support in patent and regulatory product strategies and its implementation • Product Risk assessments • Interpretation and analyses of global technical regulatory and product trends for business success • Holistic Plausibility Coaching Leadership & Expansion: Segments: Leadership – C-Suite, Executive, Senior Management, Corporate Business Units, International Corporation to Europe, European companies to the Americas and Asia • Leadership coaching for sustainable business success • Develop external relationships and advocacy strategies • Significantly improve representation of interest and establishing associations • Develop technical regulatory strategies, shaping external environments • Foster internal and external collaboration efforts across frontiers • Building and transforming professional service organizations • Change management • Cross cultural leadership for organizational changes • Business expansion support from Europe and to Europe • Implementation of organizational changes
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BENEFITS Confidential and individual advice for global and local players. Up to date on current, global trends and technologies, pragmatic, fast to reach and efficient.
IN CASE OF DIFFICULT GLOBAL STRATEGIC AND REGULATORY CHALLENGES …  the necessary know-how, experience or simply time is often lacking in one's own Company. These moments require outstanding support with extraordinary skills and the will to change. Directing Regulatory Nutrition Ingredients Consulting Organisation
Tel.: +49 160 90 16 52 06 | nico.raczek(at)