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COMPLEX ISSUES There are direct discussions with international regulatory authorities that you want to avoid? Do you need to understand impact of technical regulatory trends on your business interests? Is there already a negative or positive trend for your business and you need help with a strategic, proactive approach? Do you want to come to Europe but lack a clear understanding of the regulatory landscape? Are you expanding into the Middle East into difficult countries like Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan? Are you interested in developing your business in Asia and require support? Do you need assistance with the interpretation of scientific, analytical data? Do you need an accurate interpretation of data and impact on legal classification? Do you want to learn more about regulatory trends? Do you need strong representation of interests in Europe or elsewhere? Are you attempting to merge technical departments and need support? Are you in of need external representation and have your interests represented professionally? Have you ever noticed that an ingredient is missing in your product? Do you want to expand your business to Russia? Do you want to enter a new segment? Are you not sure how a product is legally classified? Do you need outside representation in addressing issues with authorities? Do you need to explain a technical, scientific issue to Marketing, Sales and your customers?
Directing Regulatory Nutrition Ingredients Consulting Organisation
Tel.: +49 160 90 16 52 06 | nico.raczek(at)